Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week 8

Hello, Zoho!  I'm impressed with how easy this is to use!  I've used Google Docs before (without knowing it) - I realized this when I went to try some of the discovery exercises with it, and found a few documents that had been sent to me still in my folder!  When I opened them, I had no idea! 
I like the possibilities offered by these online productivity tools.  I work on computers at home (2 different ones), at school (all over the building from my classroom, the lab, other classrooms, etc) at different schools for training, etc.  I always TRY to carry my flash drive, but I've forgotten it before, or have even had one stop working when I was away from home.  In the past, I would e-mail documents to myself (thanks to Google's gmail!).  Now, I could very easily work on the same document from anywhere and not worry about losing it or forgetting to save it.  (I'm noticing the frequent auto-save, which is a nice feature). 

Zoho Writer is also pretty intuitive to use.  The tools are similar to those in Word, which makes them familiar and easy to find.  I can certainly see myself using tools like this in the future!  (...like now when I'm posting it to my blog!)

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