Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thing #14 (Week 6)

...and another little icon adds itself to my toolbox. Welcome to my world, Technorati! (Yet another little icon/tool I have seen, heard about, etc and now added to my life)

I did a few searches for "Classroom 2.0" and was surprised I didn't find much. (When I searched the tags it came up with a totally blank page - something must not be quite right there). I looked at the popular blogs and tags, and might need to add "Boing Boing" to my RSS. This is the most popular blog in the WORLD and it seems to be very deserving of that honor. Discussing topics like fair use, freedom of information, new technology, advancements and tools online, and much more, it's captured my interest, and many awards as well. I was not terribly surprised by the other popular blogs and tags, which included news, technology, and blogging, to name a few. I was a bit amused that the #5 search in the top 100 was "men."

I created a Technorati account and "claimed" my blog. This is just what it sounds - stating that I "own" my blog. I also read a bit about how to tag my blogs, something that sounds much less difficult than I initially imagined. I know absolutely NO html, so I figured this would be out of my capabilities, but Technorati makes it sound so easy!

Let's give it a try... here we go!

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