Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thing #11 (Week 5)

When they said we'd be having even more fun on Classroom 2.0 this week, they were right! As a serious food-nerd, I was happy to see there was a "food" category in Web 2.0's list of award winning sites. I checked out the top two, which were quite different, but both fabulous!!

"Im Cooked" is a bit like an amateur Food Network. Users post video clips of themselves cooking favorite recipes. The video format makes difficult steps easy to understand, much more than a simple recipe. I am telling myself I will NOT post a video, because once I start, I have a feeling will not stop!

I also loved "urbanspoon." This site lists restaurants in a given area (Baltimore for me, of course). Top rated restaurants, published reviews, and reviews from the general public are featured. Menus, price points, and some photographs are also available for some restaurants. You can even search by neighborhood, which is a pretty handy feature.

I've bookmarked both of these as favorites, and am almost afraid to explore more of the award winning websites, at least not until I'm finished with this degree program and have some time for a bit of fun!

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