Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thing #16 (Week 7)

I have used wikis for group projects, but only since beginning Clarion's program. I was hesitant and a bit intimidated at first, as with most very new technologies. The experience was wonderful, once I jumped in! All of my group members lived far apart (in different states, even), worked different schedules (I usually signed on very late at night/early morning), and were available different times. Through the wiki, we were all able to contribute, see what our friends had already added, make changes and suggestions, and successfully complete the project.

I was impressed with some of the ideas presented in the sample wikis. The wikis on the Wiki Hall of Fame had certainly earned the honors bestowed upon them. I especially liked the teacher librarian wiki. I plan to share this with my colleagues, especially the copyright friendly image sources.

Wikis open up so many options for sharing and collaboration, something teachers (and teacher-librarians) need more and more, and have increasingly less time to accomplish. Wikis allow us to share ideas on our own time, and provides an environment for collaboration.

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