Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thing #17 (Week 7)

I tried to play in the sandbox, but I didn't find much there! I'm definitely still a novice wiki user, so maybe I just hadn't dug in far enough, but I was disappointed about the amount of information in the Classroom 2.0 sandbox wiki. I created a page, although I could not figure out how to get anything on it (do I create something in Word and then upload??), and then I'm not even sure where it went. Maybe it's my lack of experience, but I found this a bit difficult to navigate. I'm not quite confident enough yet to use a wiki that assumes I'm an expert; I still need a bit of hand-holding and guidance to walk me through this sort of activity.

I'm definitely nervous about putting my WebQuest together. It's been years since I've done one, and I could definitely use a bit more guidance this time around. We'll see how it goes!!

Even though this was difficult for me, I can still appreciate the applications of wikis. The environment they create is one of sharing and collaboration, two things all educators value.


  1. I hope you had more success as you explored more with Sandbox Wiki. It seems like you appreciate the ideals and functions of wikis to share and collaborate. As time goes on the practicalities of using wikis should become easier for us. At least the wikis make it so much easier to collaborate on the computer. Can you imagine if we all needed to learn more computer programming skills to collaborate?

  2. HOPEFULLY, the WQ webpage tutorial gve you the background needed