Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thing #9 (Week 4)

I started with the Google Blog Search, since I find Google's many other applications convenient and easy to use. The blogs that came up on the home search page were related to noteworthy topics in the recent news (swine flu, politics, etc). When I searched Classroom Learning 2.0 as suggested, my own blog came up as the first hit! Interesting! I wasn't expecting that, but it makes sense considering how so many tools (including my own blog) are linked through Google. I like the search options through Google - sorting by relevance or date, and specifying a date of publication. I also checked out the option to "Browse Top Stories" in several different categories.

I decided to branch out and try another search as well. I looked at Blog Pulse (the first hit for my Classroom 2.0 search was in German!) and liked some of the features. The option to view a blog's profile looked helpful, although it was down when I signed on. This search tool does not offer browse features, which I sometimes like to rely on for new ideas or when I'm just plain out of ideas. It did include options to search for "featured trends" that showed some popular topics.

Finally, I played with some of the award winning blogs from Edublog. I added Blue Skunk Blog, which was a favorite librarian blog. I'm always looking for some insider knowledge, since I have NO experience working in a library!

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