Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing #4,5,6 (Week 3) Part 2

Another fun Flikr photo from my photo-genius friend. He actually does not love this one, but it's a great shot that shows the mind of the photo-obsessed artist. (It's a favorite among his friends, colleagues, and those visiting his Flikr page for this reason). Upon first glance, it's violent and scary, until you realize that the "headshot" is simply shot with a camera. The images he used as the "splatter" (for lack of a better term) are personal favorites that demonstrate his style and approach to photography.

(This photo was used with permission of the photographer.)

The editing and effects on this photograph were done with Photoshop, something with which I have absolutely NO experience. From seeing what can be done with mashups (the posters, trading cards, etc) I am excited to try more of that approach to editing pictures, and use them for library promotions, school websites, newsletters, etc.


  1. great image -- wonder if one could "shoot" a book and have ideas come of of one's head?

  2. I like that idea, Lesley! Oh the possibilities...!

  3. Whoa that is a wild shot! You ar right it's scary at first until you realize it's a camera pointing at his head. Your friend is really good. Flickr amazement never ends.