Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thing #3 (Week 2)

I already had a Blogger account set up from a previous class (which I had completely forgotten about), so that part was easy. Prior to that class, I have used blogs before as well, so I think I can handle this with no problem.

Making the avatar was fun, and I can see how people become obsessed with them! Some of the options were just so silly and random, I wanted to throw them in just for fun (picture a girl with a penguin on a leash, holding a surfboard, with a purple octopus floating by just for starters...). Obviously, I had a VERY difficult time exporting her to this blog. I followed the directions, read and reread them about a hundred times, and consulted the Help section on Blogger. I tried pasting the HTML for my avatar just about everywhere I could on the layout page, and still couldn't make it work. I would LOVE some help in this area!

(So, I got her into this post, but not on my overview page... is this the way it's supposed to be?).

Yahoo! Avatars


  1. Welcome to Classroom Learning 2.0. Love your photos and avatar. Ideally, you should copy the html for your avatar and put it in the sidebar. Just go to your yahoo avatar "home" page and look to the far right -- it tells you how to "embed" your avatar on your blog.

    Once you copy and paste html script, you will want to do it for other cool tools such as the cluster map of the world (bottom of CL2.0 and SLL2.0)

  2. so do you like yellow; it's interesting to have several ways to "image" one self.

  3. Yellow is definitely my favorite color! :-) In real life, my car (and raincoat, school bag, purse... etc) are all yellow. I like to think I look like a little ray of sunshine stepping out of my car on a dreary day.